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An Update on Me


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Just a brief update on me for those who read my posts:

For my thirty-fifth birthday yesterday, I received my present I wanted so badly and couldn't wait to get: three books: The CR Way, The Longevity Diet and The Beyond 120-Year Diet. I have never been much of a reader and always struggled to read without zoning out, but managed to get half of "The CR Way" read in one night! I was amazed. This is the most I've ever read in one sitting.

I was surprised about how much of the CR way and importance was put on sugar levels -- I never knew. I was also amazed by how important meditation was made out to be -- one practice I still struggle with every time I try and have yet to master! I am going to begin to wean onto a CR diet immediately, eating mostly what my mother makes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, trying to east most during the first half of the day and making the most nutritious selection and portion size decisions as I make this fun and challenging transition. By the beginning of 2020, I want to be vegetarian and making all of my food on my own, which has been a challenge in the past as I have often bought too much food that would go bad quickly or take up too much room in the refrigerator. The green leafy vegetables are the worst as they are the basis of my diet but take up so much room and need to be refrigerated. I find myself needing to go to the store every other day which isn't really a problem as my mom owns her own concession business and finds herself in the store most days of the week picking up a little of this and a little of that.

I think I'm going to base my meals Monday, Wednesday and Friday on a Spinach salad and Tuesday and Thursday on a cabbage salad (which I prefer to spinach, but spinach is more nutritious). I plan on having hard boiled eggs in my spinach salad through the end of 2020 when I switch to one egg per week. This is something that is going to be difficult for me as I love eggs. On Friday, I'm going to have three roughly 300 calorie meals during the day (333 calories is my target -- I have a thing with numbers and precision as much as possible) and going to finish up the day with a grilled cheese and a bowl of Campbell's tomato soup. This is going to be my cheat meal of the week and my only day of the week I eat three, even spaced and evenly portioned meals. I am going to measure my blood sugar throughout, making sure this one day of cheating a week doesn't throw me off too much. I am going lacto-ovo vegetarian on 1/1/2020. I just can't give up my cheese!

I am currently hovering between 200 and 210 pounds every week. My goal is to be under 140 by the last day of 2020 and 123 lbs on average for years afterward. I plan on exercising every day for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night in 2020, then just walking briskly 30 minutes per day, raising my heart rate in years after ward. I plan on strength training 30 minutes afterward everyday except Sundays. Ideally, and desperately, I would like eight-pack abs and would kill to have them again, though my body fat, for my body in the past, has to be about 4% or lower to have these muscles visible which may or may not be very healthy.

I am very excited on this new journey and have given up on starting the first day of 2020 cold-turkey for symbolic reasons. I'm taking my time and doing this right. I will be documenting my weight and every meal every day with chronometer and blood sugar level results via video diary on youtube. This seems like a giant undertaking but for someone like me who loves doing video diaries, is fun. I hope that once I get going on the video diaries in early 2020 and find that I can do them religiously, when I post a link to my youtube channel, some of you would be kind enough to take even a little glimpse. I am really excited about this and have a lot to look forward to. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Lastly, since I do not have to work a normal job, I will be spending my free time next year working on becoming the world's most prolific visual artist, piano artist and author. I will probably not be able to beat all these records next year but will certainly have the record for most work done in one year by an individual in each category done. I have to write more than 20 books, more than 2000 paintings and more than 200 songs. I am very excited about this and if I ever achieve mild fame (which is what I'm hoping for by the end of my life) I will certainly share with others my adherence to the CRON lifestyle and quest for longevity.


Hope your week has been as exciting as mine,

Stay Driven,


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