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How many less body fat more longevity?

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Fernando, I'm surprised to say thank you for the interesting Frank Zane link.  He is a good example of an old school approach to body building apparently compatible with health quite different from many young body builders destroying their health and some dying young pursuing maximal muscle with extreme approaches such as high dose hormone injections.

Frank looks fairly healthy for his age but appears to be a shadow of his former amazing condition.  As we age it clearly gets harder to build or sustain fitness even by those with talent for it and a lifetime developing skill in the process.  You have the gift of youth, take advantage of it while you can.  It appears you have found satisfaction in exerting the control needed to tear your body down through extreme dietary restriction.  Hopefully you will also be able to find satisfaction in learning to build up your body.

I suggest you also try to find satisfaction developing your critical thinking skills.  You post a lot of questions that look ill considered as if they have just popped into your head.  When you have such questions resist the urge to post them immediately.  Use your questions to grow a talent for searching, reading and reflection.  On your own you can develop answers and then better questions which will provide more meaning and value than answers handed to you in response to poorly posed questions.  There is a role for questions and you'll get better at posing good ones if you take more time exploring your questions before asking them.

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1 hour ago, Ron Put said:

An AI bot test?

A troll?

A really confused individual?

I've encountered AI bots on another forum and there is more politeness, less consistency to their thoughtless incoherence and an eventual unleashing of spam.  With trolls I've seen more assertive rudeness and higher consistency of opinion.  I'd weight your last option higher though I'm not sure confused is the most appropriate description.

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