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Metformin linked to higher risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

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Typical Ron, simply ignore the counter-argument (including the link I provided about the history of loitering/vagrancy laws) and repeat the same absurd claims all over again. Never mind what the ostensible intent of the laws was - the plain fact of the matter is that the laws were weaponized to imprison human beings and corral them into forced labor, a practice that was an integral part of Jim Crow laws. The reason the SC had to get involved is precisely because of such a perversion of the use of these laws. You however blame that SC review of these abusive laws for homelessness. Nobody familiar with the history of civil rights and Jim Crow thinks anything other than that the SC was absolutely right to address such abuses of loitering/vagrancy laws - except you, of course... which is why you made a link between the SC decisions and homelessness. Congratulations!

The reason shelters don't have full occupancy is because often they are not safe and people are afraid to stay there. Yes, mental health and drugs are a big part of the homelessness problem, but neither of those factors can account for such a rapid explosion in the size of the homeless population. The plain fact is, that a huge factor here is unaffordable housing driven by real estate speculation and capital parking. This sudden jump in the number of homeless is not an odd rise in mental illness and drugs, which have been around for decades - it is that the working poor have joined the ranks of homeless:


You are a pretty typical type of guy who finds blame for social problems always with the victims. Somehow they're in drug gangs working the system and so on. Guys like you with your explanations have always been around - during FDR's time and during Reagan's time (here we'd have Ron talking about how bad social spending is, and examples are the mythical cadillac driving "welfare queen"), and today we've got Ron talking about the homeless really being in drug gangs and willingly homeless to bleed the system dry. Oh well, another day, another reason why it's never the fault of the system, and always the fault of the nasty humanity. 

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