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Physiology of Human Aging and How to Optimize it with Stephen Harridge | Singularity University

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11 hours ago, KHashmi317 said:

Here's another 20min seminar from recent SU Cambridge UK conference. 

Bottom line: Get your EXERCISE!

Hi Khurram!

Thanks for the nice post.  I'm 80 1/2, and continue to combine CR and vigorous aerobic exercise (elliptical cross trainer with a high resistance setting for ca 45 min daily, 6 days a week).  I'm still fully employed at the University of Rochester as a math prof.  I'm the oldest member of the UR Math Dept -- and in excellent health.

As I recall, in addition to your very strict adherence to CR, you are also a very vigorous exerciser.  The more power to you!


  --  Saul

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