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I kindly ask you to delete my account.

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I have asked the threadstarter for more information and - very importantly - confirmation. Delete is not always an easy button to unpress.



Yeah, the powers that be should be kind enough to oblige Fernando.


I think most people here would be agreeable to the deletion and removal (or changing) of personal information. That said, there is the issue here - and it comes up on other forums - of creating holes in the discussion and/or deleting entire threads (if the deleted account started it). GDPR (EU) and CCPA (California) can create reasonable expectations even if sites like this are not explicitly covered (not in the EU, not in California).

Without doing too much technical exploration (test account and posts then testing the delete function or digging into the support forums or contacting support) a simple solution is to replace the user name with a template (UserReqDel20200217), removing any personal info accessible to admins (like email - typically that is it) and changing the password. Then any specific changes or removals can be requested (via email or some other side channel).

Users can still edit most of their posts ... down to nothing.


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