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Glymphatic System Found to 'Drown' the Brain Following Stroke


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Some new research by the group of scientists at the University of Rochester who discovered the glymphatic system; the system cleans debris from our brains when we are deeply sleeping (non-REM slow wave sleep):  Immediately after a stroke, the known swelling of the brain that occurs -- and greatly enhances the likelihood of immediate death -- is caused by cerebral spinal fluid (not plasma, as previously thought) coursing into the brain.  The details are in the brief article below, including a video.

  --  Saul


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Interesting, thanks!

"One study from the same group of University of Rochester researchers found that low-level alcohol consumption actually enhanced the performance of the glymphatic system, while another found that sleeping on your side rather than your back or stomach can produce similar effects."

I have been reducing my alcohol consumption, but maybe I shouldn't.... :)

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