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‘The Science of Well Being’: Free online course from Yale


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I stumbled upon this today and thought some others here might be interested. Longevity is about more than diet and exercise...

‘The Science of Well Being’: Yale’s most popular class ever available via Coursera

A young woman who is smiling and looking at her iPad while seated outside. “Psychology and the Good Life,” taught by psychology professor Laurie Santos, is most popular class in the history of Yale. It, along with 20 other courses taught by Yale faculty, will be available online at Coursera in March.

The most popular class in the history of Yale is now available online, joining 20 other Coursera classes taught by Yale faculty.

The class, Psyc 157, “Psychology and the Good Life,” is taught by psychology professor Laurie Santos. Nearly a quarter of all Yale undergraduates have enrolled in the class in its inaugural year — a fact that attracted media attention around the globe.

The online course, titled “The Science of Well Being,” features lectures by Santos on things people think will make them happy but don’t — and, more importantly, things that do bring lasting life satisfaction. Registration is now open.


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Interesting. Honestly, I usually distrust very much such courses, purporting to tell me what will and will not make me happy, successful with x, y and z etc. - I find more often than not, that these courses are geared to those who have done very little self-retrospection and generally are not applicable to me. Of course, it's possible this one is an exception - I might check it out sometime. 

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