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monoclonal b cell lymphocytosis

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Hi i havent posted here for a number of years as to be honest i drifted away from Cr and gained weight , bmi now 25, though i still ate reasonably healthy food, vegetarian with a little fish but much more than i ever needed, probably more than 3000 calories a day, some days much more.  I have around 40% abdominal fat.   180 tall, 80 kg.

I have had autoimmune issues which they havent  fully diagnosed as yet, including raynaulds, peripheral neuropathy and more recently i have pancreatic exocrine insufficiency.  This is helped with enzymes i have to take with each meal .  My pancreas is clear on abdominal  cat scan and i have excellent endocrine function. I am currently seeing a gastro specialist in this regard.

Then this year i was initially told i had chronic lymphocytic leukemia...Cll... (sound a wreck don't i , but quite  active ).........Fortunately the haematologist i finally got to see corrected my doctor and i have monoclonal b cell lymphocytosis, which is like a very early pre  Cll, and oddly enough found in about 8% of the population over 60.    Only 2-3% a year  go on to develop Cll. So not as bad as it seems.

No need to see haematologist again unless blood levels rise and monitored with 6 monthly blood counts at Drs surgery.

The point of this rather long winded post is rather than cling to all manner of supplements etc i feel my best chance of stopping this condition progressing is to go back on a mild calorie restriction with optimal nutrition being of paramount importance.   I have ceased all supplements except tumeric, and vitamin D, as i feel some may be involved in the proliferation of cells especially the  b vitamins.

I know green tea is supposed to be beneficial but my body hates it and it gives me gastric irritation. 

Not asking for medical advice just general thoughts of perhaps what you would do in my situation. i dont want to practice a severe calorie restriction (i am 65)  but enough to try and clear out the rogue cells through the good things that happen with fasting,

i do have a 16 hour fast and eat in the other eight hours.  i found previously i lost weight , felt good on 1800 calories, so thats what i am doing at the moment

All the best  Paul


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Hi Paul!

My sympathies.

I think your plan to attempt mild CR is a good idea.  Even though you are 65, once you achieve mild CR, you might try to intensify it, very gradually.  Also, be sure to continue exercising; again, maybe intensifying what you do very gradually.

  --  Saul

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