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Fernando Gabriel

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I drank very little last year at most 10 times and it was 1 to 3,4 unitys of alcohol each day
.And I drank wine in the food in an even smaller amount in 2013 about 5 ml other times that I didn't consider in 2019 about 5 ml too and 1 liqueur bonbon in 2012 I also took a homeopathic remedy for 2 weeks at the beginning of last year and ate rum raisin ice cream recently but I heard that this ice cream has no alcohol and that the homeopathic remedy has 30% alcohol
My father drinks a high amount about 1 liter of distillate, 1 can of beer and sometimes wine with 1-4 glasses of 187.5 ml per day and if he stops for 15 hours of drinking and when he is working he drinks a lot less about 2/5 of that during the 7 days of the week and now he is unemployed and has no seizures because he takes the seizure remedy and his last seizure was today and he had taken the carbamazepine remedy in the morning but he had stopped taking it before that and he had a seizure in 2019 when he had just started taking medicine again.
Seizure remedies are bad health and what would be the ideal remedy for seizure and longevity?
After having the first seizure due to alcohol withdrawal, the chance of having the second if you continue without drinking is higher or lower.
And I also really wanted a technology that would not cause seizures and out of curiosity I never had a seizure.

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Fernando, the issue of epilectic seizures is pretty much specialistic, maybe a forum of neurologists would satisfy your enquiries better. I don't know of any anti-seizures  'technology' , although a strict ketogenic diet has been applied in some cases and found useful. Ketogenic diet is not suggested in your case.

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