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Geroscience & Covid-19

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Forgive me if this is redundant, but I thought that consolidating this information here may be helpful:

Over our Google Hangouts meeting the matter of increased susceptibility of older adults - and those with comorbidities - to Covid-19 and its adverse outcomes was briefly discussed, and juxtaposed with the question of how much of this represents biological aging including but not limited to immunosenesence. 

They are certainly all risk factors, very poorly characterized at this point.  I found the following most illuminating:

1) Geroprotective and senoremediative strategies to reduce the comorbidity, infection rates, severity, and lethality in gerophilic and gerolavic infections ( a critical perspective by Reason published here

2)  COVID-19: Can the Science of Aging move us Forward? ( archived webinar)

3) and therapeutically and most speculatively ( we need more / better efficacy data with the jury still out): COVID-19 and chronological aging: senolytics and other anti-aging drugs for the treatment or prevention of corona virus infection with a summary interview with Michael Lisanti MD here .   

Best wishes,





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