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I have 1.82 and 57.8 kg I wanted to leave my fat percentage at 1% but without zeroing the muscles because if I am not going to die and I have about 17-18% fat .I would like to have the minimum muscle and the minimum fat to be alive!

And I would also like to know if someone with 5% fat and 5% muscle is at high risk for atherosclerosis!
What if a person with 40% fat and 40% muscle with a healthy weight is at high risk for atherosclerosis?

What if a person who is obese reduces their fat percentage and increases that of natural muscle would reduce atherosclerosis?

What kind of bioimpedance should I do this with?

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Hello I am 19 years old and 58 kg I will reduce my calories little by little and get into a CR style because I played a lot with health in my teens and before and I think I should start CR now because if I postpone a lot and become obese in the future I will lose years of life I want to reach the technology of immortality and see many things in this world
My cholesterol is 163, triglycerides 79 and glucose 81 I have the average parameters of someone at BMI 20, maybe they have a bad genetics or family hypercholesterolemia, so I prefer to drop my weight down to 51.5 kg and spend my time playing on the computer and exercising I want to be a severe CR like Michael Rae!

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