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19 years old chest and back pains


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I'm feeling pain in my chest and back when exercising and sitting and I'm only 19 years old. Should I continue exercising? I'm 1.82 or 1.83 and 59 kg and I wanted to do CR because I don't want to die anytime soon and my mother doesn't want me to. do CR because she thinks it's bad?
They say that exercising reduces atherosclerosis and they say that exercising a lot increases atherosclerosis and I will eat about 1650-1750 calories and exercise moderately to reduce the fat in my arteries, I started exercising in 2019 but it was not little by little you do you think it is better to stop 6 months and start gradually afterwards until you reach 2200 calories per week spent on exercise?

And which system do you find best for me calorie counting or weight control?

I have about 19% fat how many percent do you think I should get to have clean arteries

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On 5/29/2020 at 9:46 AM, gombo2 said:

I wanted to do CR because I don't want to die anytime soon and my mother doesn't want me to

Your mother doesn't want you to die, or doesn't want you to do CR?  Listen to Mom... 😉


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Fernagombo, dude, what part of "You are way too young to do CR" don't you get?!

If you are real, you really need to speak to someone and get help. Really, really.

You are still at a growing stage and will be until you are close to 30.  You need to eat. Preferably healthy, whole foods, but eating enough to accomodate your developing body is key.  You must exercise, starting slowly, so you don't hurt yourself.

No matter how many times you ask here, the answer will be the same.... Get it?

Start thinking of CR in 10-15 years.

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