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Thinslim foods - keto breads - these are AMAZING low-calorie breads


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Nutritionally empty other than a protein source. How’s the taste? If it’s really good it might be worth eating a couple slices. I personally love sandwiches, but not to cool on eating bread because of the calories of anything with good flavor and texture. My guess is I would not like this stuff. I’m pretty picky!

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16 hours ago, InquilineKea said:

This looks like over-processed keto junk food. It may be fine occasionally, just like the occasional diet soda will not kill you, but what's the point.

Keto stuff will get you weight loss, but probably not long term healthy longevity, which is kind of the point of CR, IMO.

Why not eat whole grains (and I don't mean bread), which are generally quite filling, plus fruits and vegetables, instead of this frankenfood?

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Whole grains spike up glucose and have higher calorie counts.

It's super-easy to get most of the other nutrition primarily from veggies

also there are numerous health benefits from higher BHB levels in blood

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21 hours ago, InquilineKea said:

It tastes great. Also the fiber are converted into SCFAs too. Most calorie sources have too many calories, and CR is paramount beyond all.

Not according to all the research going back almost a century.  Roy Walford who really set CR practice in motion always emphasized CRON. An acronym meaning calorie restriction with optimal nutrition. CR If nutrients are suboptimal is a sickly disease!

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On 7/15/2020 at 7:17 AM, InquilineKea said:

does anyone notice stomach bloating? i do, but it may be a good thing to prevent overconsumption. like i notice the bulge even though im still only 97.5 lbs

I do notice bloating, maybe because I'm down to 150 lbs now...

But seriously, I hate feeling bloated.

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