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Where do you source your metformin?

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I got mine from  https://www.unitedpharmacies.md/search.html?search_text=metformin&searchbutton= . https://www.alldaychemist.com/diabetes.html is another source

but now it turns out that the bottle i got (apotex) has 3.8x the maximum acceptable dose of the carcinogen NDMA...



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It's complicated. Metformin may not increase maximum lifespan (as ITP data shows), and Kaeberlein isn't excited about it, but still, the effects on healthspan are still important.

But still.. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29457866/

It could be that berberine is more effective in general, but it's still weaker.

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3 hours ago, InquilineKea said:

...the effects on healthspan are still important.

The effects on health span are very unclear.  From the article you linked:


...metformin...potentially,  may protect against cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline and aging. The expression levels of numerous microRNAs are also reportedly influenced by metformin treatment and may confer antidiabetic and anticancer activities.

However, as the reported effects of metformin on epigenetic enzymes act to both increase and decrease histone acetylation, histone and DNA methylation, and gene expression, a significant degree of uncertainty exists concerning the overall effect of metformin on the epigenome, on gene expression, and on the subsequent effect on the health of metformin users.

 I agree with Gordo, Saul, and McCoy.     We don't know much about the benefits of  long term use of metformin by healthy individuals,  and the risk of negative side effects is substantial.

Resident skeptic and hype-buster TomBAvoider has nevertheless chosen to take metformin (driven by despair of growing old);  you might want to look at some of his posts on the subject.

For example,  see the discussion here:

Metformin linked to higher risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's


The risks are considerable - as I keep outlining, including in this thread wrt. metformin - but I am willing to take those risks for a fairly small chance of a gain. Simply resigning myself to doing nothing goes against my nature. It is psychologically easier  - for me - to exert a degree of control, even if it's down to not very good odds; at least I can say "I elected to gamble".










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Watch out for some long-release metformin drugs


The US FDA is recommending a voluntary recall of certain extended release versions of metformin after testing revealed excessive levels of NDMA in some of these products. Metformin is the most commonly prescribed drug to treat type 2 diabetes. The NDMA contaminant has the potential to be carcinogenic if there is exposure to above acceptable levels over long term use. This recall does not apply to immediate release metformin products, and the agency recommends that clinicians continue to prescribe metformin when clinically appropriate. The FDA is contacting 5 pharmaceutical firms in particular as posted on the agency’s website, and is recommending that the companies voluntarily recall these products one of which listed on the agency’s site is Apotex Corp and its metformin hydrochloride ER USP 500 mg tablets.The FDA has become aware of NDMA in some metformin products in other countries which inspired them to test American supplies of metformin to determine the risk as part of an ongoing investigations into nitrosamine impurities across a variety of medication types, which includes recalls of hypertension and heartburn medications within the past 2 years. 


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