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Methylene blue

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The redox agent methylene blue and the cell-permeable succinate prodrug NV118 were evaluated by measuring mitochondrial respiration and lactate production of human platelets exposed to metformin and co-treated with either of the two pharmacological bypass agents.


The cell-permeable succinate prodrug NV118 increased mitochondrial respiration which was linked to phosphorylation by the ATP-synthase and alleviated the increase in lactate production induced by toxic doses of metformin. The redox agent methylene blue, in contrast, failed to mitigate the metformin-induced changes in mitochondrial respiration and lactate generation.



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imho, the fact of existence of things like this https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Guide-Methylene-Blue-Mitochondrial/dp/177723963X should be a kind of a warning

a quick search reveals that the substance was widely used for many decades for research support purposes, thus if there could be some strange effect easily reachable without a special delivery vehicle I would expect already more impressing results and studies, otherwise it looks like no one noticed something promising

but off course I could be wrong with it, for the same probabilistic reasons..

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