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Protein Shakes

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Protein is essential but the modest amount required can be readily met with whole food sources and in general it is recommended to choose less processed options. 

I suppose the biggest con would simply be that it is commonly believed that protein stimulates growth via insulin, IGF-1, mTOR and related pathways accelerating aging and cancers.  But depending on ones goals and priorities there could be compelling reasons to use protein concentrates or isolates.  For example they can help one maintain protein intake when very aggressively restricting calories for rapid fat loss while trying to minimize lean tissue loss.  Although that leads to the question of would it be better to take a slower approach?

I avoid all sweetened products.  Stevia is probably one of the more benign alternative sweeteners and I have a stevia plant growing in my garden and sometimes use a leaf.  Commercial extracts may not be pure but my main reason to avoid sweetened products is in general they are designed for people who are desensitized to sweet flavors and want everything to be very sweet while I only rarely want just a hint of sweetness.

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19 hours ago, Shezian said:


Can you advise of the Pro's and Con's of taking protein shakes? Here are the ingredients. Sweetened with Stevia.


I cannot see the ingredients in your post.

Pros: proteic nourishing meals, very refreshing in the summer, they can make up a single, cooling, easy to digest meal, with minor addictions (a few nuts for example).

Cons: maybe little fiber but you can add prunes to it or eat em separately.

Presently I like to follow a liquid or semiliquid diet during the day, often with proteic smoothies as lunch. Something like: nonfat fresh milk (often frozen) whey protein, one green banana, honey, cacao powder, plus spices.

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On 6/16/2020 at 2:23 AM, Shezian said:


Looks good. during my vegan stint, I used a similar pea-protein concoction, blended together with soymilk, cacao powder, dark honey and spices. I must say though that I digest vegan protein shakes  (soymilk+pea protein) less than dairy-based shakes (whey concentrate + fresh lowfat or nonfat milk). I repeat, especially during the summer season,  smoothies are pleasant, cooling, nutritious and digestible. Of course, that cannot make up 100% of the daily diet, but a smoothie substituting a solid meal may be a definite advantage for some people (that includes myself).

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On 6/16/2020 at 2:34 AM, Mike41 said:

“Eat Whole Foods, mostly plants and not too much.”

Michael Pollan

From the book: In Defense of Food

We can adopt a liquid or semi-liquid diet even with whole foods. In the summer, I find liquid or watery foods very hydrating and energizing. So, instead of protein smoothies, we might eat/drink:

  • Cow's Milk. Cold or partly frozen nonfat milk blended with unprocessed cacao powder and dark honey is an absolute delicacy and very nourishing. One liter of it makes 30-35 grams of high quality protein.
  • Soy milk. Ditto as above. 
  • Oatsmilk, almond milk, cereals milks: very refreshing, low protein hence extremely digestible.
  • Yogurt, kefir or similar fermented product.  Nonfat yogurt is particularly digestible, very rich in protein, B12 and potassium among other things. Becomes addictive with added honey.
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