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Eye scanner establishes very accurate biological age


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Yes.  I'm very skeptical that a scan for a certain protein in the lens of the eye would be likely to be a marker of anything much more than progression towards cataracts -- which is related to aging, but lots of other things as well.

Sounds sensationalist -- probably little substance. 

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Interesting. Let's see where it goes.

My ophthalmologist, who is very well respected in the field, was telling me about a number of conditions, such as high cholesterol, that can be detected through eye exam and imaging. I had looked it up and he was correct, at least under certain circumstances.

I did a quick search for general diagnostics and found this: Ocular Manifestations of Alzheimer’s and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases: The Prospect of the Eye as a Tool for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

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It's also easy to see plaque buildup -- if any -- in capillaries in the eyes.

But it's a big jump to claim level of "biological aging" can be tested by observing a certain protein in the eye lens.

For that matter, is there such a thing as "global biological aging"?

This issue has been discussed before.  As I recall, different organs age at different rates; all of which are of course different for different people.

So:  Joe's foot muscles may be aging faster than Harry's. but Harry's heart may be aging faster than Joe's.  (And of course different parts of the foot and heart probably all rate at different rates in different people.)

Of course, assorted "experts" will present their ultimate definition of "rate of total biological aging".

  --  Saul

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