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Personal Health Records (PHRs) Online Repositories

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I am wondering if some here use PHRs to track their health data, including test results, etc..

I haven't found anything which meets my requirements and I don't know if it exists.

At a minimum, it would allow me to store, track, and chart my test results.

If it can provide some useful insights, it'd be great.

And if it can integrate with things like popular fitness-tracking devices and apps, it'd be perfect.

Google Fit is not it, 23andme has test results feature, but it's poorly designed and primitive. I doubt it exists, but figured someone here might have run across something I am missing.

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Hmm. I have written about this before - I personally keep a detailed "health diary". Every day, I enter a variety of health-related information, in code (to make it faster). For example, my supplements for the day will be coded something like SUP022319 - which is the code for the list of supplements I take, last revised on 02/23/2019, and if I want to see what that list is, I can go to a filder with text files for each list - when the list gets revised (adding or subtracting a supplement), I make a new list reflecting those changes and affix a date. Currently my list has last been revised on 05/25/2020, so the code is SUP052520. Each day I enter the code for the supplement list I'm taking (if I skip a given supplement, I make a note on that day's diary), I enter a code for whether I took in excess calories that day CO (Calorie Overload), whether I drank coffe, quality of sleep, any aches or pains or symptoms, or medical issues, medication use, blood pressure etc. - each day's entry takes about 2 minutes. 

For bloodwork results I keep an excel file.

I can therefore tell you everything that happened to me health-wise on any given day in the past 15 years or so - whether I had a headache, or took ibuprofen, how hard and how long I exercised, and so on. Thus, if I need to check on any symptom, I can give extremely detailed accounting of what started when etc. - invaluable at a doctor's office, where I take that data on an iPad.

I've been a patient with a primary doctor and any specialists at UCLA Medical Center in Westwood since the mid 80's. Astoundingly, I found out a few years ago, that they didn't keep all of the patient records forever - for example, they don't have all my records from the 80's or early 90's, I guess before the era of widespread computer use, they'd purge paper records on a schedule. However, things have progressed pretty massively in the last few years - now UCLA has electronic records that are accessible to patients, so that all my blood results and all office visits and all tests are in one place, and you can actually graph your results through the years, so I can see what, say, my cholesterol has been doing through the years - it's searchable and very thorough. I wish I could graph the data like that from my diary!

What I'm saying is, that what you want already exists in various forms out there - there probably are apps that do that, that you can download and put on your iPad/tablet, phone or computer? Something to explore!

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On 6/14/2020 at 2:44 PM, TomBAvoider said:

Hmm. I have written about this before


Thanks, Tom. I remember seeing your earlier posts, but I was hoping that someone has developed a secure platform with manual entry possibility, but also able to import data from major providers.  I guess what Google Health was intended to be, before Google killed it, like that seem to do with the majority of their "killer apps." Microsoft killed their own version in 2019.

I guess there is no demand for such services.  We here are just weird.... :)

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