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Dr. Luigi Fontana's new book and video on having a healthy logevity

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Dear ALL,

I've just received the letter below, from Dr. Luigi Fontana.  It describes his latest book, and includes an attached video.


  --  Saul

Dear Saul,


how are you? Hope you are doing well in these difficult times.

I am writing to bring to your kind attention a new book, entitled the ‘Path to Longevity’, that summarizes more than 20 years of research, clinical practice and my accumulated knowledge on healthy longevity.

Here, a video interview with Sunrise TV that encapsulates some of the key topics:


My ultimate dream is that by reading this book people might start to examine their current level of physical and psychological health, and their subconscious expectations for the future.

I hope that by becoming more aware of their full potential they will unlock a profoundly felt need for transformation and possibly help the world become a better place.

Warmest regards,






Professor of Medicine and Nutrition

Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Translational Metabolic Health

Director, Healthy Longevity Research and Clinical Program

Charles Perkins Centre | Sydney Medical School (Central Clinical School)

Faculty of Medicine and Health


The University of Sydney



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