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For those sick of businesses making a buck off our desires for health

Todd Allen

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Someone calculated that the radiation from eating a banana shortens your life by 3 seconds (sorry, I don't remember where I read it), most likely it's nonsense (although bananas are radioactive). Nonetheless, many would claim that other health benefits of the banana must offset the (most likely non-existent) 3 second life-shortening effect. 

Unquestionably, even a single meal like that from the Heart Attack Grill does some health damage, but I imagine that this deletrious effect disappears completely with enough time spent consuming a good diet - to the point where your life is not shortened by a single milisecond or your healthspan compromised even in miniscule ways.

Therefore, it seems to me, there is no harm in a rare - emphasize rare - indulgence in a visit to the Heart Attack Grill. As such, this sensationalistic story is far less shocking than might be supposed - even for the readers of these boards.

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