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Decent CNBC Video that summarizes modern anti-aging research ("How the Ultra Rich Are Trying To Live Forever")

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Thanks Gordo and Brian.

I was surprised with Dave Asprey's comments such as expecting 180yrs (and that is very achievable according to him) and he take 150 supplemements per day ... and has spent they said $1Million ... Dan Sullivan seemed like he had some actual perspective and was hoping for 156.  

We all know that without the ability to reverse either programming or regress dna damage that an adult male human will not live to the age of 117.  So let's see what happens .... thanks to Dave for investing his $Millions ..  line up more millionaires!

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Hm, society has to figure out how to handle the "ultra-rich" if they live forever, as someone with such predatory practices as Bezos would eventually own all of us.

Jonathan Swift addresses the issue in Gulliver's Travels, where the Struldbruggs (who turn immortal at 80, identified with a red dot on their forehead) are officially declared "dead" at that time and dispossessed from their wealth, so that they don't eventually own everything, just by virtue of a limitless time horizon.

On the other hand, the liberal democracies seem to be heading towards "1984," so who knows what Big Brother might decide to do :)

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