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What's your ageotype? Which of your systems age the fastest?


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As we all know, biological age does not match up perfectly with calendar aging. And we know that various organs age at various rates. The organ or system that's the weakest link is the one that will eventually kill you (if you die of "old age pathologies"). Based on that, some scientists have developed the concept of ageotype - if your metabolism ages fastest, then your ageotype is metabolic, if your immune system ages fastest, then your ageotype is immune system, if liver, or kindeys or heart etc. - well, that's your ageotype. When you know your ageotype, you know your weakes link, and should focus your energies on that system to keep the whole organism going longer. Now, it appears that some systems and organs decline in most humans much faster than others as a rule - the heart declines after age 40, while the liver seems to just keep going and going, and the retina seems practically ageless. What is your ageotype?

Why your organs might reach 100 even if you don't

"But Snyder is certain we are entering an age of more personalised approaches to anti-ageing interventions. “One-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it,” he says. “Exercise and good diet can help overall, but if your heart or kidney is wearing down you may need to do more directed strategies.”"

Bingo. Medicine is becoming more and more personalized. What is the optimal diet for you - not just generic advice about F&V. What is the optimal exercise for you - not just generic advice about aerobic and strength training. What are the best drug interventions for you - not just say, rapamycin or the next "wonder drug".  

And so too for slowing down aging, prolonging lifespan and healthspan - you need a program specifically designed for YOU. "One size does not fit all" indeed. You can read all the articles about strategies to reach 100, dietary advice, lifestyle tips and so on - but it doesn't matter in the end if it works for others but not for YOU. So what is your ageotype and what are you doing about it?


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