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Is there a bioimpedance scale like that?

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Bioimpedance data is pretty much garbage. It can be off (and regularly is) by ~10% (absolute, not relative) in each body composition category. If you want a snapshot, the gold standard is a DEXA scan (very low-dose, ~1/100 a dental scan, x-ray absorption, will cost you about $50). To give you an order of magnitude, my bio-impedance scale at home says my body fat percentage is 15% (compared to DEXA of 22.2%), visceral fat is 5lbs (compared to DEXA of 0.02lbs).

EDIT: Don't expect too much of DEXA either, especially in regards to body fat percentage. 95% confidence interval deviates by +/- 34% from the true absolute fat mass value [1].

[1] Clasey, Jody L., Mark L. Hartman, Jill Kanaley, L. A. U. R. I. E. Wideman, C. David Teates, Claude Bouchard, and Arthur Weltman. "Body composition by DEXA in older adults: accuracy and influence of scan mode." Medicine and science in sports and exercise 29 (1997): 560-567.

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