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Keto Diet


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Has anyone tried the Keto diet and had success? I’ve been thinking about trying it along with BBG, leading up to a fashion show I have. I have found that my body doesn’t do well with as much carbs, so this is why I think it would potentially help me in my transformation.
If you haven’t tried it, what has worked for you? Do you follow the food plan on the app?
Thanks girls!!

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I've been keto for 4 years.  I've had good results and expect to be keto or near keto for the foreseeable future perhaps the rest of my life.  While I've found it to be a decent approach for lowering body fat it isn't a magic bullet and I have to exercise restraint to avoid over indulging in very calorie rich foods which make me gain fat even in the absence of carbohydrates.  I've also made effort to maintain a nutritionally complete diet of minimally processed whole foods gently cooked in healthful ways.  My reason for the keto dietary approach is somewhat unusual as it isn't just about weight management but I have a rare genetic supposedly progressive and untreatable neuromuscular wasting disease known as SBMA or Kennedy's disease.  It is a predisposition for metabolic issues such as type 2 diabetes and while eating keto I have reversed my neuropathy and muscle wasting and the comorbidities of diabetes I was developing.  

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