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April's CR Diary


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Hey folks... it's old April CR, former blogger and super active member, disappeared into many other worlds many years ago, and now returned with blog!  Again... I blogged on CR for over 7 years, but put it down to pursue a career in public health.  I'm still in public health (good time for it) but going back on CR, after some major ups and downs!  

18 years since I started the first blog.  Many years are lost because they were housed on the server of an organization that no longer exists.  But the blog lives on here: http://aprilcr.blogspot.com/

If you want some background, here's some media from back in the day when MR (do we use his name here?) and I were a CR power couple and lived in a house with an orange kitchen.  Wow, you sure can get some haters from eating kale!  

New York Magazine: https://nymag.com/news/features/23169/

Rebecca Traister, now a famous political writer, in Salon.com.  Never contacted me for comment: https://www.salon.com/2006/11/22/cr_diets/

And we had Sanjay Gupta to our house for dinner, a horrifically ill-fated Food Network special... oh my.  No wonder I wanted to get out of the spotlight.

So I'm not sharing the blog with the general public... I'm a freelance writer now on addiction, trauma and psychopharmacology, so my work is out there plenty!  The blog is public, but I'm not publicizing it.  Just for us, and anyone you want to share it with.  I'd appreciate thoughts, comments and questions.  Helps keep me on track, and I miss this community!  Many of my close friends came through the CR Society and the blog! 


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I just read the most recent 2020+ entries.  You are a natural writer.  I was very sorry to hear about Mom ( and doggy).  

I wonder whether now might be a good time to re-read “"Rant: Moderate CR" from which the title of this post was taken... Sept. 2002”?  I have never read it so I don’t know whether it would help or hurt but you speak fondly of it.  ( on that note if you still have it can you PM it to me?  I am a CR member so I should be able to find in the archives in principal, but the interface is buggy and I can’t access it.

best wishes and keep writing.


ps- I take the side of moderation > true CR for the masses since it is lower risk and yields most of the benefit and would have higher compliance.  Those that would benefit from further CR without undo risk and permit screening to see whether they are good candidates for stronger forms.  It depends on the individual - physical and mental health as well as genetics and age, comorbidities, etc.  but anything you can do to spread the word on safe moderation of calories would make a world of difference to the patient ( and as per your conversation with Brian and your own subsequent MPH) and public health.

Another thought for you.  If you are looking for inspiration, consider attending national conferences.  For example the breakout social intermissions at NYC’s ending age-related disease conferences ( online this year).  Not CR-focused per se, but health optimization certainly.

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