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Feeling sick when eating to a calorie deficit


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Advice please - today I ate approximately 1800 Calories and according to my garmin I have burned approximately 2400 calories. I am desperate to lose some weight as I have been exercising 5 days a week for 16 weeks (PWR at hone). I am definitely stronger but my weight and shape haven’t changed. I noted from posts here that I need to be in a calories deficit, hence my focus on food this week. Any time I cut back on my food intake i end up getting a migraine and feeling sick. I am also really tired and yawn a lot in the evenings. This is a vicious circle as in order to overcome the migraine I will end up eating the calories I cut back on and probably more in the coming days.

All advice welcome - thanks

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Do you mind sharing what your current weight is?  Because sometimes this forum gets kind of wacky people with very low BMI's that are trying to lose weight and they really just need psychological help.  And sometimes its someone who is morbidly obese and thinks this place is all about dieting, haha. 

There are a couple of ways to lose weight, you are right that you need a calorie deficit, and using a calorie tracking app (Chronometer or MyFitnessPal) helps a lot of people, especially people that don't really know how many calories they are eating or like to pretend like they are eating less than they are (not saying that's you).

Some options:

1) Slowly change your diet, reducing dairy and eliminating junk food (stop eating dessert).

2) Do a plant based whole food diet.

3) Reduce calories just a little, and plan to lose weight very slowly.

4) Reduce calories a lot, but risk giving up.

5) Water only fast.  This results in rapid weight loss and can "jump start" any diet change, but its too extreme for some people.  If you are morbidly obese, sometimes you need to start thinking more extreme to save your life.  Fasting can also change your taste buds, after the fast, sweet foods will seem way too sweet, which is good.

6) Do HIIT workouts, there are endless free routines on YouTube, just go to YouTube and serarch for HIIT workout.  These will help you burn a lot of calories.

7) Set a fixed window in which you will eat all calories for the day and stick to it.  You might start with a big window like 8am to 8pm, but eventually get it down to 6-8 hours if possible. This is known as daily intermittent fasting and it is very effective and practiced by most people who are serious about health and longevity (based on my observations anyway).

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