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Superagers - examples?

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have resistance to amyloid/tau buildup

James Clement might know some. I know "superagers" have been mentioned in press releases of other studies but we have no idea who they are. The easiest-to-identify are the ones who win age-associated records for runners and cyclists at age 90+

Among famous people - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahathir_Mohamad, William Shatner and EO Thorpe strike out as superagers who can pass off as decades younger. Most famous people don't strike out as super-agers who retain functionality of that of those decades younger - thus you have to look at centenarians who win the age-associated records - those are the ones that makes living to 100 seem tolerable to many.

Peter Attia mentions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Marchand_(cyclist)


I have an "old people" playlist (

) but it is hella biased towards famous people who are not the **objectively** peak agers (given that only a small fraction of all older people are famous for other reasons)

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Samina Rind does look good at 51. Her Glycanage is 21, though Glycanage is sensitive to short-term fluctuations (can have sharp variations within a person) and a better indicator of recent patterns than lifetime-integrated damage.

A list should be female dominated

https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariaentraigues/  is fairly CR'd and does reasonably well.

I don't know if most CRONites here count as superagers. I don't know if Bryan Johnson counts as one (all the interventions work better earlier than later)

There is the Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard (and it does have women on them) but most don't look *that* great for their age. Not like Lure Hsu

(most of them started a bit late)


[I know skin aging isn't everything, and all organ systems age at different rates, but it's *something*. The correlation isn't strong in part b/c UV damage is a huge covariate but even then, you can notice UV-independent age damage...]

for DunedinPACE, changes in balance and FEV1 are important (though men do better on FEV1 than women)

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