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In situ bioprinting


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This sounds like science fiction.

New microrobot with in situ, in vivo bioprinting offers promise for gastric wounds

Bioprinting—delivering new cells directly to the wound site to repair the tissue—offers a potentially very useful way to treat the problem.

"The difficulty is that current bioprinting technology focuses on external sites. Bioprinters are normally quite large, and cannot be applied to inner tissue repair without invasive surgery to give enough room for the printing operation. To overcome this, we developed a microrobot that enters the body via an endoscope to carry out tissue repair inside the body."

The bioprinting platform … is a Delta robot composed of a fixed base, moving platform and three identical kinematic chains. To be as minimally-invasive as possible, it can fold itself down when entering the patients' body, then unfold before beginning the bioprinting operation.

A 10-day cell culture showed that printed cells remained at a high viability and a steady proliferation, which indicated good biological function of the cells in printed tissue scaffolds.

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And until it's actually in use, it remains science fiction. If I had a dollar for every invention announced with great fanfare, which subsequently went absolutely nowhere, I'd be wealthier than Jeff Bezos. Also... this is in China, LOL - 'nuff said about anything coming out of China, best to dismiss including the vast majority of fraudulent "scientific studies" outta that place. Until it's in use, it's HYPE, hype, and nothing more than hype. The clue is in the title "offers promise" - and we all know about "promises", that and $2.50 will get you a coffee at your local starbucks.

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