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Younging and Younging1 - Vince Giuliano Anti-Aging Firewalls Blog

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Ladies and Gents,

You might find Vince's latest blog inspiring or perhaps at least interesting; based largely on Harold Katcher's recent (apparent) rejuvenation breakthroughs.

This blog entry is all about rejuvenation or age-reversal.  Vince refers to it as 'Younging' here.

Vince has since interviewed Katcher and will also be updated his blog with these interviews, but please have a read of this introductory post and look forward to another couple hundred years of good health!!  😉





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Guys ... Vince is serious about anti-aging and uses the term 'Younging' afaik to contrast our common use of the term 'Aging'.

He highlights in this post his own personal plasma transfusions ... this is not a waste of time to read for a 'life extensionist'.Gents;  have a read - I think you will enjoy this ...

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