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CR 3rd attempt

Fernando Gabriel

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I want to be alive when new technologies emerge so I will reduce my weight to 50 kg or less and I will take 300 mg resveratrol twice a day!


3 meals a day or 4 when you have ruffles, chettos and snacks at relatives' houses and when my father's friend is at home

I believe that Matthew Lake will reach 110 years without any progress and 140 if there are advances because he started CR at 18 and I did it 3 times at 16-17.18 and now at 19 I am on the second day of CR.

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FG, you want to be alive but If you start CR in your conditions, maybe you will get sick or die so you won't be able to enjoy the new technologies. You are 19, so there is lots of time for medicine to progress. the TAME experiment on metformin will be through in 6 years, probably to be followed by others. Do not follow the ideas coming from your anorexic obsessions-compulsions and use CR as a justification.

My personal suggestion remains that you eat healthy food, exercise and reach at least 70 kg of weight, keeping healthy until longevity drugs will be there.


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Perhaps instead of multiple abortive attempts with a radical lifestyle change, which sounds like it is filling the void more of a religion than out of a desire to live a healthful life, try first to make smaller lifestyle changes (think eat more plants, get regular exercise, make healthy friendships) and make them last more than a few days or weeks.

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