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CpGs and longevity

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Researchers offer insights into aging


a significant part of epigenetic aging occurs in regions with CpGs. A CpG is a region of DNA where the chemical elements cytosine and guanine are connected by a phosphate bond.

"CpGs are important because DNA methylation occurs in the area,"

 double-stranded breaks frequently occur in the genome [and] are efficiently repaired by proteins and enzymes known as chromatin modifiers.

According to the study, the chromatin modifiers leave the CpG Island to repair the breaks, and when they relocate, changes occur that alter gene expression and thus a cell's fate.

if [the chromatin modifiers] leave the island to perform a rescue, the island becomes compromised and vulnerable if all of them don't return.

species with longer life spans such as humans, alligators and elephants have higher levels of CpGs than species like fish and rodents

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