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How can I decrease my metabolic rate?


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Hello everybody!
It is my first post on the forum so to give you some context :

I was on some kind of CR for the last 3 years however it wasn't continuous because I was breaking it every few months with 1-3 weeks of a pretty bad diet, during which I was recovering some of the lost weight. I was 27 when I started it, my weight  was over 95kg and with the height 183cm my BMI was 28.37 . My daily intake was on average 1800-2200 calories depending on the activity level and pace of weight loss. I have kept it consistently since February (except ten days) and I reached 63 kg (BMI 18.81), however I was still losing weight by ~0.3-0.4 kg/week even though
my intake was around 1900 kcal per day. According to this calculator https://www.scientificpsychic.com/health/cron1.html  my degree of CR is 20.4% when I set my
activity level to 'lightly active' (activity factor 1.375 ) although I think I am really between sedentary (1.2) and lightly active (1.375) .
My activity consists of calisthenics - 2-3 x 2h per week and walking with moderate pace 4-5 x 40 min per week, I work from home so
I don't do any other activity during the week. I estimate my body fat to around 7-8 % so I don't have so much room for further reduction. The question is how can I stop losing weight while
decreasing intake to 1800 kcal per day? I was thinking about:

1) Making a break for few weeks, regaining a few kilograms and then suddenly dropping calories to the level of 1200-1500/day for 2-4 weeks, hopefully forcing metabolic adaptation so then I can increase them to 1800-1900 kcal without further weight loss

2) Like above but instead of decreasing calories I would make a full fast for several days. However I doubt it's going to work as it seem , according to one paper I read,  that short term fast (<7 days) doesn't decrease your metabolic rate and with the current weight I can't afford myself for a longer fast

3) I can continue eating at this level but for 2-3 days every month I would overeat to recover lost weight so at least I can be on CR for 90% of the time and it would also reduce food cravings and make   CR  easier to maintain

What are your thoughts?

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