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Are high-glycemic foods bad?

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I've read studies where people who ate a high-glycemic meal for breakfast ate more calories at lunch, than people who ate a low-glycemic meal. The conclusion was that high-glycemic foods promote hunger, whereas low-glycemic foods are more satiating. Now, I eat OMAD (one meal a day) every single day and most of the food is in the form of a smoothie, which obviously raises its glycemic index. I actually prefer this, because it makes it easier for me to eat that much food in a single sitting. I don't think I would be even able to eat OMAD if all my food was in a solid form. My question is: Is there anything bad about eating mostly smoothies or just eating high-glycemic foods in general (for example eating instant oatmeal instead of regular oatmeal)? I carefully watch my caloric intake every day, so overeating is not an issue in my case.

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A finger prick blood sugar test kit such as used by diabetics.  The meters are often very inexpensive subsidized to gain future sales of expensive test strips similar to printers and razors sold at cost to secure future sales of ink and blades.   Often one can get lucky and find a starter kit with a meter and 10 to 50 test strips for around $15.  Testing at 1 and 2 hours after a meal can be sufficient if ones response is good although going every 30 minutes or even every 15 until blood sugar stabilizes at baseline will give a more complete picture for those with big swings and issues like reactive hypoglycemia.

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