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High fructose intake may drive aggressive behaviors

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High fructose intake may drive aggressive behaviors, ADHD, bipolar

conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD), bipolar disorder, and even aggressive behaviors may be linked with sugar intake

research … presents a hypothesis supporting a role for fructose, a component of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and uric acid (a fructose metabolite), in increasing the risk for these behavioral disorders.

fructose, by lowering energy in cells, triggers a foraging response similar to what occurs in starvation

a foraging response stimulates risk taking, impulsivity, novelty seeking, rapid decision making, and aggressiveness to aid the securing of food as a survival response. Overactivation of this process from excess sugar intake may cause impulsive behavior that could range from ADHD, to bipolar disorder or even aggression.

Johnson notes, "We do not blame aggressive behavior on sugar, but rather note that it may be one contributor."

CB:  I would have thought that fructose, being a sugar, would raise energy levels, but found this article which seems to confirm it Increased fructose consumption may deplete cellular energy in patients with obesity and diabetes which states Unlike other simple sugars, fructose requires ATP for its metabolism.

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