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David Sinclair's regime - NMN, Resveratrol and Metformin

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Near the end of Sinclair's book "Lifespan" he reveals his own supplementation regime for longevity based on his own work.... he is very careful to not state it is not medical advice, he doesn't advocate others do this, etc etc but he does share what he does for reference. (It's hard not to interpret that as a "celebrity endorsement" though...) His supplementation regime at the time of sharing info was...

1g NMN each morning
0.5g Resveratrol each morning
1g Metformin each night

with some caveats about exercise days etc.


He also does some mild caloric restriction by skipping meals and avoiding sugary foods etc.

Does anyone here have experience using those supplements? Pros & cons? Any opinions on their scientific status?

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I ignore Sinclair's advice.  He gave a talk here at the University of Rochester two summers ago.  I enjoyed the talk[ but I don't take it seriously.

I practice caloric restriction, not "mild caloric restriction".  And I do fairly vigorous aerobic exercise, 6 days a week, on an elliptical cross trainer with arm notion -- at the maximum resistance level; to get some minor muscle stengthening.

IMO, diet and exercise are important -- not gugru's like sinclair, whether or not they are out to make money.

  --  Saul

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 I also should list my supplement regime:


Jarrod Bone-Up, 6 capsules per day https://www.google.com/search?channel=fs&client=ubuntu&q=Jarrod+Bone-Up

(this is a vitamin/mineral supplement -- includes 1g Ca, in the form of calcium hydroxyappetite, and Vitamins D and K).

An addtional vitamin D pill

twice weekly:  huge supplementaion of vitamin B12, on a single pill.

injection of forteo (a drug produced by Eli Lilly; it is a peptide of parathyroid hormone, and build bones, by a similar method to vigorous weight lifting exercise.  helps to slowly reduce my orteoporosis).

That's pretty much it.

  --  Saul


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ok, ok.  I'm dropping the resveratrol for real this time 😉

There isn't a whole lot left then for 'life extension' over-the-counter supps that I can take ...

Green tea, glucosamine sulfate, nicotinamide riboside (along with Optimal Nutrition, exercise, low-stress, optimal sleep, and of course avoiding the obvious (sugar, red meat, smoking, drugs, etc.))  


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3 hours ago, Saul said:

Calorie Restriction and exercise.

  --  Saul

I completely understand that CRON (and in particular even further refining all known evidence and adhering to a regimen something like Mechanism's Spartan Diet) is about all we can implement at this time ... for me personally it's been so tempting at times to look for a small crutch in a capsule - in particular since I do not strictly following CR.

I think my take-away is that regardless of whether I follow CRON or just ON (with time-restricted feeding, exercise, etc.) resveratrol is at best a waste of money and at worst could possibly tinker with pathways or do something undesirable that we may not even fully understand just yet.

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