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How do you get your microbiome tested now? (other than ubiome/viome)?

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A lab closed to me provides now a sale for some genetic test of microbiota.

At first glance my curiosity suggested me to take it but reading more and thinking about it raised a big concern of usability.

- there are hundreds of inhabitants there, no "normal" for everyone is ever possible

- in my case the balance is different after every diet change, I am running weeks on one way of eating, then a short trip for several days or a week that causing me to switch to locally available food, then back to home-style; almost always it changes according to my feelings/observations, so there could be many "normal" states per person even w/o known disturbances like desease and antibiotics, stress and so on. just one healthy diet changed to another one, staying the same style but a bit different in composition

- the original use type of such test is to help detect known bad cases, while there is no "normal" or rather many "normal" states there are known bad/offensive things and sometimes they could be discovered with such tests.

So I think if a person has no concerns usually mentioned in prescriptions for such tests - it will be a waste of money, just because the way things works. And this will be the case for many years, imho of course.




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