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Capitao Nascimento

What do you think of severe CRONIES?

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I never wanted to be a severe CRONIE but I have read articles by Fernando Gabriel that 16-17 BMI, Michael Rae 15-16 and Khurram Hassimi who was 15.5-16.5. Khurram Hashimi eats about 1400 calories, Michael Rae 1800-1900 and Fernando Gabriel 1500-1700
How long do you think they will live, Michael Rae is Vegan, Fernando Gabriel drinks little alcohol and does not smoke but is omnivorous and Khurram Hashimi likes Coffee Fernando started CR at 17 or 18 years Michael at 28 or 30 years old, and Khurram at 32, I think Fernando may still be the oldest man in the world, and Khurram reach 105-110 and Michael 108-113 .
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