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Capitao Nascimento

Severe CR add several years of life?

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I think so, just do not zero out the fat and muscle in my opinion, there are articles that say that anorexics produce SIRT 1 and also the accordion effect loses muscle mass, which will take you if you do weight training only when it reaches a very low rate like 4-6% muscle requires some effort to regain muscle mass. If you have money use DEXA the fat is the same if it reaches 4-6% you must gain weight until you get about 17-18% fat and then come back to 4-6% to get smaller and smaller.
https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a28171425/yo-yo-dieting-reduce-muscle-strength/#:~:text=People%20who%20yo%2Dyo%20diet,dieting%2C%20according%20to% 20the% 20study.

And i've read that anorexic people are addictive to SIRT1. [2] An important detail about SIRT1.

[1]: https://www.jneurosci.org/content/40/11/2332

[2]: https://rdcu.be/cbYxN

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