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HIIT may help longevity & QoL


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On the question of how to exercise, the NYT has an article recommending HIIT

The Secret to Longevity? 4-Minute Bursts of Intense Exercise May Help

While almost any exercise reduces the risk of premature death, “if some of that exercise is intense, the study also finds, the risk of early mortality declines even more, and the quality of people’s lives climbs.

Scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway began a study 10 years ago in which all septuagenarians in Trondheim were invited to participate.  No surprise. the more than 1,500 volunteers were healthier than average.  These were divided into three groups:  1) follow standard activity guidelines, 2) exercise longer (50 min 2x/wk), and 3) high-intensity interval training, or H.I.I.T., 2x/wk of cycling or jogging at a strenuous pace for four minutes, followed by four minutes of rest, with that sequence repeated four times.  While there seemed to be good compliance, the control group dabbled with interval-training on their own initiative for fun.

Checking death registries after five years, the researchers found the HIIT group 2% less likely to die than the first group and 3% less likely than the second group.  The also reported greater gains in their quality of life than the other groups.

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