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The reserve-capacity hypothesis vs lab-bred long-telomere mice

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I'm gonna guess Al posted on this WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in 2002. The dude doesn't miss anything 😉

It's possible that a significant percent of lab mice have un-naturally long telomeres (b/c that is one shopping cart option for lab suppliers selling lab animals for research). Afaik, only one major paper (2002,Weinstein, et al) has been pub'd on the topic-- see Refs below video screen. Lotta $$ and academics careers at stake? Absolutely!

It's simpler you just watch the July 2020 Weinstein / Rogan video at this point (2:39:40) -- and come to your own conclusion. 

BTW: Weinstein only partially identifies the issue with just "antagonistic pleiotropy theory of ageing" ... what he should have said is disposable soma theory PLUS antagonistic pleiotropy theory of ageing.




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