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Effects of two glass of wine a day


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I personally avoid alcohol for the most part (I probably average 6 glasses of wine per year...though in 2020 I bet that number was 12). The increased cancer risk is my primary motivation for doing so. I've included the link below for the info I have included. When I was a young person I witnessed an alcoholic (my grandfather) drink himself to the point of neurological disorder and institutionalization. Death would have been a much preferrable outcome to what I saw. His brain failed before his body, which wasn't long thereafter and he passed away far too young. I don't mind if people have a few glasses of wine and I believe that we should be able to do as we like, but I do know far too many people that have an inappropriate relationship with alcohol (and I'm not even referring to being an alcoholic). John Mackey, founder of Whole Founds, recently had an excellent appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast, part of which includes commentary on alcohol, which I found particularly enjoyable. 

  1. Cancer. Excess alcohol consumption may increase the risk of the following cancers:[6] [7]
    • Colorectal cancer – 10-20% increased risk with usual consumption of 50g daily, or 3-4 standard sized drinks daily.
    • Breast cancer – For each 2/3 of a drink consumed daily (10g alcohol) risk increases by 7-10%.
    • Cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx – Less than 2 drinks daily = 86% increased risk. 3-4 drinks daily = 311% increased risk.
    • Esophageal cancer – Less than 2 drinks = 39% increased risk, 3-4 drinks daily = 93% increased risk.
    • Liver cancer – Less than 2 drinks daily – 19% increased risk, 3-4 drinks daily = 40% increased risk.
    • Stomach cancer – Less certain relationship. May be related to alcohol.
    • Pancreatic cancer – Less certain relationship. May be related to alcohol.
    • Lung cancer – Less certain relationship. May be related to alcohol.
  2. Stress urinary incontinence (a sneeze or cough causes leakage of urine): 2.4 times more common among women who consume alcohol.[8]
  3. Depression – Alcohol consumption is clearly associated with depression and has biochemical effects that explain how it causes and exacerbates depression.
  4. Hemorrhagic stroke (a type of stroke where a blood vessel breaks open) – High levels (more than 4 drinks a day) are associated with over 200% increased risk.[7]
  5. Pneumonia – Two drinks a day increase risk by 13%. More drinks lead to higher risk.[7]
  6. High blood pressure – Just two drinks a day is linked to 25% increased risk in men. More is linked to higher risks.[7]
  7. Heart rhythm problems – More than 2 drinks daily linked to more about 15% increased risk of conduction problems.[7]
  8. Pancreatitis – High alcohol consumption strikingly increases risk of pancreatitis.
  9. Liver cirrhosis – High alcohol consumption increases risk of the liver cirrhosis and failure.
  10. Addiction – 7% of American adults have an alcohol use disorder, which includes alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence.[9]
  11. Insomnia – 35-70% of people who chronically drink alcohol have insomnia, a much higher rate than the general population.[10]
  12. Heartburn – Alcohol can hamper the function of the sphincter barrier between the esophagus and stomach, leading to acid reflux and heartburn.[11]
  13. Leaky gut – Alcohol can disrupt the barrier function of the intestine, allowing large molecules that normally couldn’t be absorbed into your body.[11]
  14. Disrupted nutrition – High levels of alcohol consumption inhibits the absorption of a variety of nutrients.[11]
  15. Psoriasis – Alcohol may be a trigger for psoriasis exacerbations.[7]
  16. Obesity – Alcohol contains lots of calories, and people may not compensate for those calories by eating less food. In fact, alcohol may stimulate appetite. That said, observational data does not link alcohol intake with weight gain.[12]


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21 hours ago, mccoy said:

Gombo, today I already had my two bottles of wine, one at lunch, the other at dinner. At breakfast, I'm a teetotaler:



Are you the alcoholic or is the wine fake? How many mg of resveratrol does that have?

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3 hours ago, gombo2 said:

Are you the alcoholic or is the wine fake? How many mg of resveratrol does that have?

The wine, as Sibiriak has promptly understood, is very much real, and exceptionally good-tasting as well! It comes from a winery close to my place.

My estimate is that the black-label bottle contains about 2000 mg of total polyphenols, whereas total resveratrol is maybe in the order of 2 mg. It also contain probably acutissimin-A, which is a powerful anti-carcinogenic agent that protects against the carcinogenic effects of alcohol. That's why I did not develop cancer so far.

Last but not least, the label has an artistic value but actually it is a mandala , concentration upon which protects the internal organs from the deleterious effects of alcohol. So I nominally would be an alcoholic, but actually I'm not, since deep concentration on the mandala makes my body metabolize alcohol quickly and harmlessly , besides the protective bulwark of acutissimin-A .


Normal individuals, unlike Dr. Mccoy, are strongly advised against the consumption of more than 1-2 drinks of wine per day. Concentration on the Mandalas, unless under competent guidance of an enlightened spiritual master, cannot and will not quicken the metabolization of alcohol. Dr. Mccoy will not offer reference to any enlightened living spiritual master

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