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Left and right brain age differently

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It would be interesting to see what affect, if any, CR has on cortical thinning.  Does it slow down thinning in general?  Does it slow down the loss of asymmetry?

Left and right-brain age differently, linked to Alzheimer's disease

The left and right side of the cortex are not equally thick in younger brains—a phenomenon called "cortical asymmetry."

 this study shows that the side of the brain that was thicker at age 20 deteriorates faster.

The researchers found cortical asymmetry is lost as we age, proving that the two sides of the brain deteriorate at different rates.

It's too early to conclude, but cortical asymmetry could possibly be used as a marker to detect early brain changes in Alzheimer's Disease.

The asymmetry-loss emerged at a similar age in most people (around early 30's) and continued across the adult lifespan, with accelerated decline around age 60.

[The researchers were] able to measure the thickness of every region of the cortex in over 2600 healthy participants from five countries, up to six times in the same person over time.

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