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Beer is better than wine?

Capitao Nascimento

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The article does not specify how much niacin craft beer contains, nor any clinical trials about its alleged lowering of cholesterol.

I tried to trace the original article on the google scholar page of Michael McCullough, professor of agribusiness, but I had no luck.


Cronometer reports the following on a pint of commercial beer. May help out in fulfilling the requirements of B3, B6, possibly B2. I'm not sure about drinking 6 pints per day to fulfill the RDA of niacin would be a good strategy though. Also, the daily 40 ml threshold of alcohol should not be surpassed, that makes 2 pints per day of a 4% alcohol beer. Less than that is probably better. For those who like beer, it can be a useful addition to the intake of B vitamins, especially if craft beer has higher quantities than commercial beer.


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On 2/14/2021 at 7:39 PM, Sibiriak said:

Niacin's cholesterol lowering effects (but increasing HDL) are well-established-- but only at  fairly high  doses.

Right, Chris Masterjohn has a good video on Niacin, the high dosage required to try and lower cholesterol, the potentially serious flushing and liver damage collateral effects. If that's the alleged cause of the cholesterol lowering effects, then the damage of alcohol excess will probably overwhelm the benefits of the abundance of Niacin.

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