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What's your VO2max

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In my case, it depends how it is estimated.

I've never had a lab test and probably won't, since it does not seem like a pleasant experience, but the wrist trackers from reputable manufacturers appear to provide reasonable relative VO2Max estimates, based on what I've read.

My old Fitbit Versa had pegged me at 62, which is of course higher than what is plausible. From my research, Fitbit overestimates by an average of 7 points or so for most people.

Nowadays I use a Garmin, which is considered more accurate, and it estimates 48. But there is a catch here too: Because I usually run only on trails and only uphill, it supposedly underestimates by a few points, based on what I read.

My guess is, I am somewhere in the low to mid 50 range, which is decent for my age. I am sure some of the regular runners here, like Dean, would be much higher.

Keep in mind that age and sex matter a lot, too.

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