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Boron/Jarrow Ultra Bone-up for osteoporosis?

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IF you can get your medical insurer to approve it.  I have excellent medical insurance; it was approved for 2 years.  (The FDA approval for the drug is phrased in a way that gives insurers "an escape clause) to deny the expensive drug after two years of use).  With difficulty, I obtained approval for renewals for several more years.  This ended recently.  Each one month supply has some extra shots in it; I've saved cylinders for the whole time, expecting to get cut off.  So I'm now dosing only twice weekly.  With what I've saved, I have enough for a little over 3 years.  (I've checked with one of the original researchers on Forteo and other PTH (or PTHRP) peptide researchers.  Twice weekly dosing should work).  When I run out, I plan to purchase tymlos, a drug that binds to the same receptor (a PTHRP peptide) -- it's cheaper -- and also use it twice weekly (unless the FDA drops its escape clause for drug manufacturers).

  --  Saul

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Technique: Central DXA bone densitometry was performed on a Hologic QDR 4500 Discovery system.

Findings DXA DATA

Region _____________________________ AP spine (L1-L4) Exam Date __________________________ 02/02/2021 BMD (g/cm2) ________________________ 0.636

T-score ____________________________ Z-score ____________________________ -4.1

Region _____________________________ Femoral Neck (Left) Exam Date __________________________ 02/02/2021
BMD (g/cm2) ________________________ 0.522
T-score ____________________________

Z-score ____________________________ -2.8

Region _____________________________ Total Hip (Left) Exam Date __________________________ 02/02/2021 BMD (g/cm2) ________________________ 0.717
T-score ____________________________

Z-score ____________________________ -2.0 T-scores not generated in male patients under age 50.

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Nov 2020:



: 35fe3b4fccb90ed3eb440c3147a3082d.png

OH i checked again and there's a slight improvement. Still low so I have to continue the supplements. I did the second dexa after taking a few of those bone supplements (+ staying at parents for a bit). so spiro didn't decrease it, after all. The scan results above were official and kind of scary so I need to continue supplementing!

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