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Has anyone tried myostatin inhibitors to build muscle mass?

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Importantly, most myostatin inhibitors also repress the activities of other closely related TGF-β family members including GDF11, activins, and bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs), increasing the potential for unwanted side effects, such as vascular side effects through inhibition of BMP 9/10 and bone weakness induced by follistatin through antagonizing several TGF-β family members


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Efficacious myostatin inhibitors would be the dream of every pro-bodybuilder. The article though doesn't suggest that there is any viable, commercial product presently, although there are a number of trials underway (and some failed ones). Myostatin inhibition, AFAIK, can easily turn out to be dangerous, causing excessive hypertrophy of muscles with consequent CV system failure. Something similar may have happened to Rich Piana, who exhibited inordinate hypertrophy .





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