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low glucose levels might assist muscle repair


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Less sugar, please! New studies show low glucose levels might assist muscle repair

skeletal muscle satellite cells, key players in muscle repair, proliferate better in low glucose

[skeletal muscle satellite cells are named based on their anatomic location between the myofiber plasma and basement membranes.  They have been described as “myogenic stem cells given their ability to self-renew in addition to producing differentiated progeny”

Skeletal muscle satellite cells, a special type of stem cell that resides between the two layers of sheathing, the sarcolemma and basal lamina and envelops myofiber cells in individual muscle fibers, have been found to be particularly important. When myofiber cells are damaged, the satellite cells go into overdrive, multiplying and finally fusing with myofiber cells. This not only helps repair damage, but also maintains muscle mass. 

they noticed that higher levels of glucose had an adverse effect on the rate at which [skeletal muscle satellite cells] grew

[The team notes] may have significant implications for how we might keep our muscles healthier for longer.

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