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Wish to start CR at52


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Good morning, I am actually 1m72cm for 76 kilograms, almost 52 years, after a CR program of 2000 calories that I followed for 3 years (I was 109 kilograms) because of a very high blood pressure I had presented (190/120), but now after the weight loss everything OK!  I wanted to know if it should be ok to start a CR program at 1800 calories according to your experience. For my height until which amounts of kilos and BMI (actual BMI25.7) do you think I could go? I also take half SOLGAR VM2000 per day as well as a teaspoon of cod liver oil per day for eventual vitamin needs, do you think it should be ok? Thanks for any answer! 

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Hi drts69, my personal opinion based on state-of-the-art longevity science, as discussed in this forum is that you'll be pretty much OK at BMI 23 if muscular, BMI 21 if not so muscular and no excess visceral fat. That's IMO the lower desirable threshold.

Some people prefer less but that's a personal choice, I prefer higher numbers. Presently, my BMI hovers around 24-25, with some muscles, moderate adiposity, no excess visceral fat.

You may start a 1800 kcals regime if you wish to loose more weight but you absolutely need to track your nutrients, the best app presently is cronometer, which many members of the forum are using. 

Also, regular blood draws are advised. VM200 is very good as an overall supplementation.

Besides, a regular routine of moderate exercise is absolutely beneficial, both cardio and resistance. No need to exceed, moderate and regular is the key.

Last, regular sleep, with an optimum target of 8 hours per night is very beneficial.


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On 4/24/2021 at 3:28 PM, mccoy said:

VM200 is very good as an overall supplementation.

Although it contains iron and many multi-vitamins have different formulations for men and women with the reduction or elimination of iron for men being a primary difference.  It is possible for men to have low iron status but it might be worth checking if supplementing iron.

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Like Todd says, VM2000 is a qualitatively good generic supplement but is not custom-tailored. 

The best suggestion is to use the cronometer app and see what nutrients you miss, then check your blood analyses for a few critical parameters.

For example, vitamin D, which may require specific supplementation,  Vitamin B12.... Homocisteine, which if too high may require Creatine+TMG supplementation, vitamin B6 and so on....

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