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VLDL Increases During Aging, And Is Associated With Adverse Cardiovascular Outcomes

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Interesting, thanks! The relatively high correlation with mortality from all causes is something I had not known.

I just got mine and it has jumped from 6mg/dL a few months ago, to 15 now. But most of my markers have gone worse, which I attribute to 5 months of taking Berberine :)

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In the US a typical basic lipid panel measures total cholesterol, HDL and triglycerides which are used to calculate LDL and thus remnant cholesterol is also a calculated value, usually triglycerides/5 using the Friedewald equation.  That equation is not particularly accurate and commonly varies by 10 to 20 percent with measured results.  I tried the supposedly best new Sampson equation with my numbers of TC=395, HDL=100, TG=67 and got LDL=305, ie remnant IDL+VLDL=-10 suggesting my age is negative and I have achieved escape velocity!  Curiously my lipid panel was done by LabCorp and they didn't use Friedewald as they calculated VLDL=8 and LDL=287.

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