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Aging and Biomarkers Talks and Presentations

Ron Put

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I wanted to add a few more aging and biomarker talks, presentations, and interviews here, so I edited the title.

This interview is from November 30, 2020 and I didn't see it posted before.

He is really pushing Metformin. I am not convinced but keeping an open mind. After trying out Berberin with rather dismal results, I will need a bit more convincing.

Also, Barzilai has a list of aging biomarkers, but they are generally abnormal in people with existing, often advanced diseases and I don't see the relevance to healthy folks.

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Here is a regrettably short interview with Vera Gorbunova from U of Rochester.

I thought she makes some good general points, and nails it why most of the fruit fly and mice studies are often inapplicable to humans (but generate patents, excitement and revenue :)



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Many thanks. I’ll watch them.

ive been CR for about 5 or 6 months .. dropped 60lb.

I recently send spit and blood off to 2 epigenetic testing companies (trumelabs $99 and trudiagnostic $450).

it will be interesting to see the results.

Now that I’ve taken the  baseline test, I’m taking resveritol and NMN .. which I intend to continue for 3 months and then get another baseline.

assuming there is any valid basis to these epigenetic tests I’m expecting to see my biological age come back as 50 (hopefully) [im 63]

I read recently that diet only plays a small in Epigenetics tests and that exercise is a bigger factor.

I jog 35mi/week so should have both bases covered.

I was disappointed that diet was minimally reflected in aging .. or at least epigenetic methy groups .

the thought of having to jog 7mi/day for the rest of my life makes me think of Sean Ornish comments about living for a lot of years or feeling like I’ve been,living for a lot of years.




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